Complete guide to flash any zip or img using Flashify apk

Have you ever stumble thru altering your Smartphone throughout flashing? Loading anything using zip or else img items call flashing and that you can do right away using the giant utility we brought Flashify apk. While Android breaking up turn out to progressively of poorer quality and systems captivating a stage to even out updates to handset models this would be a vast opportunity. It lets you arrange enhancements and sharp the whole structure into a recovering as however, you preferred. Hence, this tool offers you a new path to flash ROMs swiftly and professionally.

flashify apk

How Flashify apk supports?

The effective support of the implement may be limited to three per day behind the free version. But when you come to its professional availability, it gives you the unlimited capability of move all over the place with varies file transactions.  The basic utility calculated for Galaxy Nexus, 10, 4 and 7 devices methodically and now works with almost all Android replicas in the market. Since Flashify download is a direct application, it gives you the privileged to upgrade your device as a second scope. Anyone those who missed to upgrading has nothing to worry any longer.

Flash kernels

Ultimately, Kernel is a Significant and an essential part of every single operating system. These are somewhat and that works in place of a midway agent or which following the distributor role of both hardware and software. Anyhow, this tool will let you walk through stock or custom recovery plus custom kernel transfers as well. Once you search the web, you can find out varies popular kernels from wherever directly on your phone.

If you desire to move throughout an img such as system, boot, userdata and so on; there is nothing to worry since the Flashify will let you for a perfect walk. Moreover, it does not matter it would be a zip. Even you can backup recoveries and kernels too just with a single blow. The implement, fully functional for any kind of transaction you are ought to move with slightest requirements.

Flashify APK

Pros and cons of the tool


  • Process without a PC/ computer
  • Custom recovery flash with the apk provision
  • Zip file loadings devoid of recovery


  • Device might occur bootloop issues
  • The device structure might misbehave for the reason that some of the file installations

How to?

Wi-Fi or a strong network connection is required. Though some of you touched irritating to move through recovery, this will funds you for the particular too.


  • Root status
  • The correct application setup on your Smartphone via the Play store or reputed website

Custom kernel

  1. Snap on the tool icon and open the UI
  2. Click the Boot.img option
  3. Once you enter the kernel, the process will start and end with restarting the device

flashify apk

Custom recovery

  1. In this guide, you have to select the Recovery.img selection
  2. And then apply the relevant
  3. Stay behind for the procedure

flashify apk

Zip files

  1. Directly enter the zip opening the app
  2. And then you can pick up the particular item from the explorer
  3. Now, do the selection of the recovery which related to the installed

Backup kernel and recovery

  1. Swipe the application from right side to left (In addition to this step, you can also pick the option Backup/Restore)
  2. And then you can enter the relevant choice whichever it is kernel or recovery

flashify apk

flashify apk

Winding up

Flashify is a tiny utility and that gives you to go through any strong procedure to flash sip or img files. It has both free and professional setups just behind the flashing limitation. All the rest features can reach devoid of any condition equally. The simplified UI gives you effusively backing to move over whatever operation just in few minutes. Just escape from non-root status to bring amazing features on your cherished Android.

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