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Need flash boot.img, recovery, zip files or save backups to local/ cloud storage supporting automatic syncing? But still, do not know where to turn? Head Flashify APK for Android to manage everything right away with this simplified processing. It supports free and premium downloads to work for the exact need of the user, putting in the choice of a little one-time payment. While the free application limits you for three flashes per the day, Flashify premium APK comes to give the full entry to the app. So here we come with some important facts of this amazing flash utility touching highlighting facts of the Flashify APK Premium. Read on as my today’s post might include more to what you already know.

Flashify APK

Flashify in a fast run!

As the prominent solution for flash and backup on Android, Flashify has arrested a lot of fans by now. In fact, the app is made of favorable features supporting the user for a smart APK run. Without the need of a PC, it helps the user to flash boot img, recovery img, zip files into your Android also supporting backups of the current kernel and recovery which stored on the internal memory or the memory card.


  • Version upgraded- Flashify v1.9.2 (Click here to Download)
  • Recent upgrade records on December 12th, 2015
  • Requirements- Android phone or Tablet powered Android 4.0 and up
  • Content Rating from everyone
  • Developer credits for Christian Gollner
  • Rating average as 4.3 of 5
  • Installs between 1,000,000-5,000,000

Flashify APK Premium

You turn Android Flash when you need a change in your Android run. Maybe to introduce more customization features or else to make your Android run coming out of certain issues. So depending on your need, the number of flashes you need on the device might vary. And that is truly why Christian Gollner introduces a Premium APK for Flashify which offers unlimited access to the app. In fact, it is not limited to three flashes like in free version but offers unlimited access. So those who has more flashing task on Android can head Flashify APK Premium for a one-time payment of $1.99.

Starting from v1.1.6 on 2013, December, Flashify has come in a long successful way. So let’s see the changelog of some recent versions to pick an idea how the app comes serving you.



  • Fixes the issue with backup on Marshmallow
  • Addresses the problem in Download stock kernel/recovery for Nexus 5X and 6P


  • Fixes the problem with TWRP downloads


  • New design introduces
  • Dark Theme added for Premium users
  • Fixes the issue “wrong recovery name”
  • Fixes Command Queue issues
  • Addresses the issue “copy to safe location”


  • New feature added to manually pick your device from a list when no compatible recovery is found/displayed for download


  • Introduces new TWRP versions


  • FK support for Shamu ( Targeting Nexus 6 )
  • Improvements in Google Drive and BOX code
  • More General fixes and improvements for stable processing


  • Fixes the issue in Dropbox crashes on Android 5.0 Lollipop


  • Better TWRP download support for some device models.
  • Nexus stock boot/recovery for Nexus 6 / 9 (Wi-Fi). Various Nexus models have up to date inventory variations too.
  • Options to try and restore UI freeze on some device models
  • Fixed reported crashes in the previous v1.8.1


  • Try to fix  the issue “Unable to jot down do SDCARD” on some device models
  • Addresses the issue with “wrong menu darkish”
  • The problem with wrong menu darkish colors on Android Lollipop is addressed

Issues and Troubleshooting Tips


As flashing is something you have to put extra care, Developer Christian Gollner asks the user to take it at your own risk. And below I have taken some possible issues in time with Flashify which I found many are discussing on the web. So read and expand your knowledge on Flashify.

  • Flashify installed, but backup comes freeze

Flashify needs root access to function. So make sure to check the root access to get Flashify use on your Android. If backup freezes, check the root status. You can have a root checker application from the play store to confirm the root status.

  • Backup Recovery to Google Drive fails on Android Marshmallow

If Backup of the Kernel fails on Android Marshmallow, make sure to try the new update (For built-in root).

  • Stays on the load screen when try to flash TWRP recovery

Refresh the app and try once more making sure there is no more problem left. And these might happen with system problems too.

  • Error “Partition not found”

These happen when the device not supported to the application. So you have wait until the application Flashify gets the support for the app.

  • Not find Flashify in the app drawer

First, try to reboot the device and then check the drawer under “F”. If you still with the problem, it could probably due to a third party app launcher. So head the launcher setting and check whether it hides apps by mistake.

  • Recent files not working

This happens when you have chosen the file from a content provider. In fact, it comes just an input stream but not providing the file. So copy the certain file to a temporary location and flash it with the app. And once done, you can delete it with no mess.

These are some issues I found in most discussion over the web. But if you find more, feel free to take it for us as we are glad to bring you all clarifications. And for the general contentment, we recommend you the newest version update of Flashify APK Premium of free, which contain less issues and bugs guaranteeing more stable app run.

Video Guide

If you need the best flash/backup on your Android, Flashify APK Premium is the best option you have. It only requires a little one-time payment to upgrade the app to the full entry. In fact, it allows you unlimited flashes all the time taking you off from 3-flashes per day limitation in the free app. So take use of the premium app upgrade if you have more to do with flash on your Android. And make sure to make Nandroid backup prior to move the flash processing with Flashify. So download and enjoy the app!

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