Flashify APK for Rooted Android

Flashify is a pretty useful app for rooted Android which flashes recovery, boot, zip files, backup recoveries/kernels and does more similar tasks with an easy mechanism. In fact, this is a must have app for anyone heavily addicted to Custom ROM use. And you will find no better option than Flashify APK download to flash Custom Recoveries, Kernels, Boot images and also supporting zip update files too. As it manages all right from your Android, it applies changes soon and more effective on your Android with no PC complications. And not only that, it can do even more with fine backup assistance. If you feel impressed with how Flashify comes, read on to catch more interesting facts.

Flashify apk

Knowing it is difficult to the user to engage with flashing and the similar task involving Fastboot command with a PC help, Developer Christian Göllner has turned Flashify. It manages everything on the Android with its APK format and keeping you no more frustrations.

Supported Devices

Nexus device models have been mostly tested with Flashify and it guarantees high success with the processing. But as it is for any Android running 2.2 and above it should work with same success for all. However, remember that you have to have root privileges to go on with the app processing.

Below are some of the device models successfully tested and confirmed working with Flashify

  • Nexus4
  • Nexus10
  • Nexus7
  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Kindle Fire HD 7″

Free or Pro?

You can have Flashify in both free and pro flavors. If you think the free Flashify Download limits you in your work, upgrade the application with the payment of $1.99. So as if you download the free package it only allows you for three flashes per day while the premium upgrade promises to unlock the full entry to the app. So if you are not happy with three free flashes for a day, head the Flashify Pro to gain unlimited use.

Message from the Developer

Christian Göllner holds the complete credit for the app development. And as he reminds, the user has to take the process at own risk as flashing need high caution in the processing. In fact, the developer or any party will not hold the responsibility for any damage could cause. And ask for fine care throughout the processing. And for more care, make sure to have a Nandroid backup prior to the run.

Easy Guide to Flash IMG files on Rooted Android

  • Step 1: Follow a trustable root application and root the device if you still have no root access
  • Step 2: Download the IMG file on your Android which yu need to install on the device, I here take an example of TWRP IMG
  • Step 3: Head Flashify APK Download on Android
  • Step 4: Launch the app allowing superuser access

Flashify APK

  • Step 5: Then choose the recovery image

Flashify APK

  • Step 6: So finally select the file you need to install with the path “Choose a file”

Flashify v1.9.2 Updated

Current version 1.9.2 is the updated on 2015, December bringing fixes to the previous reported issues. So the new update comes with the fix to backup problem on Marshmallow and  also with the fix download Stock Kernel/Recovery for some Nexus models.

Change log of previous updates


  • Issue with TWRP download fixed


  • Introduces a new design
  • Dark theme option for premium app users
  • Wrong recovery name fixes
  • Issue with command queque addressed
  • Issue related to copy to safe location ressolved

Y0u will find similar applications aiming the same purpose. But make sure to head Flashify which is extremely fine and helpful for the user. And most importantly root is a must to work with the application either with free or Pro versions.

Final Words

As shown Flashify shows you the easy way to flash/backup with all handling on the Android. So install the app if you too in need of a change of your Android functions. And most importantly make sure you are installing the right files on your Android. If not, it could brick the device. So take a proper backup and head the way with this amazing utility.

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