Top-drawer features of Flashify apk download

We altogether love those utilities which responsible for us a superior control above our handset. Indeed, we set up expending those identical utilities which grant us performing activities and that we will never execute otherwise. Thus, Flashify apk is one of those individuals that convey a multiplicity of further functions for your betterment.


By the way, have a lock on your root status before you setup this tool. It supports you to handle whatever related to zip/img on your system in an amenity technique. Backup things to the local or else cloud loading through programmed syncing will keep you safer. And even it backups the present kernel you hold and recover efficiently. Those who are nervous about the insufficient memory have nothing any longer since you are able to directly connect with Dropbox or the cloud storage. And even it provides you direct download facility of recovery files while you are not definite from where to capture.

Key roles of Flashify download

Flash img/zip archives

For those who master the implement coverage have nothing hard to comprehend. Because of its main purpose, there are varies collectives that can be flashed through. And recently, it has been added varies file formats for the support that you can maintain them for the betterment. We have given you a wide-ranging guide for varies transactions previously. Boot.img, recovery.img and zip files are the most prevailing requests which are perfect for you. Though they are only basic uses; TWRP, Franco kernel, CWM, Philz and further relatives have no any additional conditions to walk over and done with. Some of those specific functionalities are required to be professionals. It does not matter you are an advanced consumer if you are looking forward practicing this one theoretically for their own purposes.


Flashing possibility for applicable apps

This is the most prominent function of the tool. It networks all your applications just behind the setting up. All those relative apps will automatically state the flash option for the future victim. Hence, it is not required rerun any of those related files whatever time you desire.

Backup the whole thing

Backup all your stuff would be one of those deep-toned functions that you can draw throughout Flashify. All those related folders and things you owned have nothing further to do. As we said above, pick up whatever storage place where you prefer to keep owning using the cloud/phone stocks. This would be handy when your handset seems to be in a trouble which might wipe your collectives either. Since you used the utility support, still there are all you desire safely whenever to load back. Furthermore, it proficient syncs your stuff from any other device once you installed the identical. Just sign in to your account for whatsoever.

The app expenditures

Flashify APK

  • Apply boot or recovery img. And this is completely free of recovery
  • Zip flashing
  • An additional part to remove dalvik/cache/data during Philz or else TWRP recovery. Furthermore, you can also request for absolute Nandroid backups during these too
  • CWM, TWRP, Philz, Gapps, stock kernel, Franco kernel, official Nexus kernel plus recovery can be downloaded and flash
  • The Loki Patch which is automatic during you required
  • Whatever recovery or kernel able to restore/backup via chip or Dropbox
  • Automated backup sync among desktops and Androids
  • Records of recent flashes
  • Numerous items at the same approach
  • Use your Email or the File Explorer to custom from anyplace

By the way, for surely, this would be the most precious application you ever used. Since it owned both payable and free downloads, chose so forth you mostly prefer. If you need further particulars, go through our previous guidelines and all around this cherished utility.





Complete guide to flash any zip or img using Flashify apk

Have you ever stumble thru altering your Smartphone throughout flashing? Loading anything using zip or else img items call flashing and that you can do right away using the giant utility we brought Flashify apk. While Android breaking up turn out to progressively of poorer quality and systems captivating a stage to even out updates to handset models this would be a vast opportunity. It lets you arrange enhancements and sharp the whole structure into a recovering as however, you preferred. Hence, this tool offers you a new path to flash ROMs swiftly and professionally.

flashify apk

How Flashify apk supports?

The effective support of the implement may be limited to three per day behind the free version. But when you come to its professional availability, it gives you the unlimited capability of move all over the place with varies file transactions.  The basic utility calculated for Galaxy Nexus, 10, 4 and 7 devices methodically and now works with almost all Android replicas in the market. Since Flashify download is a direct application, it gives you the privileged to upgrade your device as a second scope. Anyone those who missed to upgrading has nothing to worry any longer.

Flash kernels

Ultimately, Kernel is a Significant and an essential part of every single operating system. These are somewhat and that works in place of a midway agent or which following the distributor role of both hardware and software. Anyhow, this tool will let you walk through stock or custom recovery plus custom kernel transfers as well. Once you search the web, you can find out varies popular kernels from wherever directly on your phone.

If you desire to move throughout an img such as system, boot, userdata and so on; there is nothing to worry since the Flashify will let you for a perfect walk. Moreover, it does not matter it would be a zip. Even you can backup recoveries and kernels too just with a single blow. The implement, fully functional for any kind of transaction you are ought to move with slightest requirements.

Flashify APK

Pros and cons of the tool


  • Process without a PC/ computer
  • Custom recovery flash with the apk provision
  • Zip file loadings devoid of recovery


  • Device might occur bootloop issues
  • The device structure might misbehave for the reason that some of the file installations

How to?

Wi-Fi or a strong network connection is required. Though some of you touched irritating to move through recovery, this will funds you for the particular too.


  • Root status
  • The correct application setup on your Smartphone via the Play store or reputed website

Custom kernel

  1. Snap on the tool icon and open the UI
  2. Click the Boot.img option
  3. Once you enter the kernel, the process will start and end with restarting the device

flashify apk

Custom recovery

  1. In this guide, you have to select the Recovery.img selection
  2. And then apply the relevant
  3. Stay behind for the procedure

flashify apk

Zip files

  1. Directly enter the zip opening the app
  2. And then you can pick up the particular item from the explorer
  3. Now, do the selection of the recovery which related to the installed

Backup kernel and recovery

  1. Swipe the application from right side to left (In addition to this step, you can also pick the option Backup/Restore)
  2. And then you can enter the relevant choice whichever it is kernel or recovery

flashify apk

flashify apk

Winding up

Flashify is a tiny utility and that gives you to go through any strong procedure to flash sip or img files. It has both free and professional setups just behind the flashing limitation. All the rest features can reach devoid of any condition equally. The simplified UI gives you effusively backing to move over whatever operation just in few minutes. Just escape from non-root status to bring amazing features on your cherished Android.

Flashify Apk Download troubleshooting tips

Flashify is an out-and-out application for those who are passionate around mods and custom ROMs. It gives you millions of advantageous exclusively for custom recoveries, boot images and kernels. Flashify apk is a hand to hand result of rooting which basically works on zip and img files by its own nature. Thus, it target modifications which support you for the handset alteration through a well-designed basement. However, today we are in play to hand out you troubleshooting guidelines that would be precious when you are heavily working with app processors. Here’s how they are.



To begin with, you have to make sure of your applicability and how you over and done with. The most recent update v1.9.2 required any rooted handset to be Android 4.0 or higher. It able to back up your present kernel and recovery image directly with the direction of micro-SD or to the Dropbox. The Share menu of your system will corporate to give you the proficiency of sending IMG/Zip via other applications including file surfing competences. The whole it carries out have a separated record to give you details at whatever time you request.

Developer’s description clearly harks back you that using the tool is conceivably hazardous to your beloved Smartphone since there is no warranty of occupation or protection. Nexus is the only single brand that has been tested thus far though recommended approximately all Android handsets which above from Android 2.2. Then again, keep in your mind to partake a Nandroid backup earlier than you play all over the place.

Since the free availability has the drawback of three operations for each day, the evenhanded $1.99 in-app purchase ought to further with added customs.


Here is the brief guide of the app authorizations.

  • Characteristics/Contacts

Discover accounts on the handset

  • Media, Images and Files/Storage
  1. Read the USB storage entirely
  2. And take out or apply modifications of the storage as well
  • Other

View network connectivity and access

Damage control of Flashify apk

We have taken some of the frequent issues that you too would like to go through. Hang onto them for future use or resolve whatever in the lead of you.

Google drive backup replacement failure for Marshmallow

The only single solution is to make certain that you properly requested the recent update. If not, arrange the formation and go through

If you will get the “Partition not found” error message

Once you selected an unsupportive application, you will surely get such error reports. Thus, be sure of what you are walking through and keep it away for a while until it gets the sustenance

If it is repeatedly loaded the page while working with TWRP

Mostly you might be able to get caught these due to Flashify system faults. But also, you and give another try with a refresh by reboot the device and recover of the tool

Backup seems to be freeze after the tool installation

The first thing you required is the root certification. If not, the implement can do nothing for you. Recheck your status using the Root checker app from the Play store. If you are at the point, but still the same result, there must be something related to your setup procedure


Latest files cannot work through

This is not such a serious situation. You can pick up the certain item and arrange an impermanent copy of it somewhere. And then use the copied one for the operation. It can be deleted when the entire will conclude. The reason of such occurrences is your content benefactor selection. Thus, you can solve it simply as given above.

When you are not able to find out the app icon from your app panel after the installation

This may cause the mistake of third party app holder. You can unfold if the utility is hidden from there. Or arrange a restart simply and check once again


Flash Custom Recovery/Boot img with Flashify APK

If you already know what flashing means for your Android, you must know the role of Flashify. But if you are new to flash and like to have Custom ROMs, Recovery in your Mobile, we here show you how it can be done with Flashify APK download. So let’s have a quick look on how Flashify works for your Android and how easily it all manages even without using the recovery.

Flashify apk download

Why to Flash Custom ROMs/Recoveries?

Although there was a time the user happy with what they are gifted in the stock setting, now we see a different role. In fact, in today’s world, most of the users are flashing Custom ROMs/recoveries knowing there is a lot more you can manage above the limited stock setting. With a Custom ROM/Recovery installed on your device, you can make advanced editing, powerful alterations and more in your Android. So why wait when you need a considerable change in your Android performance and know the way is Flashify?

Flashify APK Download

You usually need a laptop or PC to flash the custom recovery, kernel, boot img files, zip files to the Android. And you must have heard how hard in sometimes to complete flash of Recovery, zip files with different device models leading the success you aim with the process. But with sincere thanks to developer Christian Gollner, we now have Flashify APK Download rights which can manage all flash right on your Android. It installs Custom Recovery, boot img, zip files and manage more similar tasks effectively. And as it is not only given for advanced user, anyone can easily go with the tool conditions and manage safe flash on the device.

With Flashify Download you can install custom recovery directly. In fact, it saves your time takes to ride through Google but finding the right recovery to your device model and make the flash with your call. And for the more notable fact, Flashify has a special backup feature which can completely backup your Android ROM and Recovery and supporting advanced restoring too. Not only that, it also has the feature to direct reboot your bootloader and also boot up into the recovery with more ease and efficiency with the same app.

What are the Notable Features with the App?

  • Easy and effective flash without going to the recovery
  • Backup and restore in the same processing
  • Find the recovery for your mobile version/model
  • Backups and restores from cloud
  • Backup and restore support from your SD card and also from the Dropbox
  • Advanced cache clearing with Flashify
  • Flash multiple files
  • A feature that keeps a record of files recently flashed via the app

Important to Remember: Depending on your Android and device model, the app could behave differently. In fact, take the app at your own risk as it could misbehave in certain situations

Rooting and flashing new files to your Android is not as a piece of cake. In fact, from finding files to flash and up the end of the process you are exposed to some risk. So take the whole processing at your own risk and be extra cautious within the processing

Can you take Flashify on None rooted Android?

Flashify APK

Flashify is for rooted Android. In fact, it is one of the best utility to take on your rooted device leading extreme customization on the device. So make sure to root your device prior to run the app. You can now find a number of tool options for one-click easy rot

You can now find a number of tool options for one-click easy root on your device. So make sure to check the device compatibility and choose right tool option for Android root.

Is Flashify only for Nexus Devices?

Flashify was initially designed for Nexus devices. In fact, it was only to support a particular collection of Nexus models when the time of its debut. But with time developer has expanded the tool function and promising to work on all Android. So if you are too with an Android 4.4 or above, you can take Flashify on your device and get the successful flash with ease.

Dropbox Integration

Flashify packs a number of attractive features than other alternative apps for the same task. Among them, Dropbox integration is one of the most notable which has kept more users to love Flashify.

Flashify APK

To connect with the Dropbox, you will find an option in Flashify interface. So from the menu, you can select “Connect to Dropbox” if only you have a Dropbox account. It makes the task easier allowing you to access your files from anywhere. But for the drawback, it badly impacts on the device’s storage. In fact, it takes the same storage amount in your device as it consumes online. So it will impact badly if you have large files with a limited storage on your device.

So you can go as you desired and save the recovery file on the SD card if you are worried with your internal storage with Dropbox connectivity.

Rebooting Options

Flashify has three rebooting options as Reboot, Reboot Recovery and Reboot Bootloader. And for the general use, the first Reboot which only stands for the simply rebooting is recommending as other two has different tasks. In fact, other two reboot options come handy but aiming different purpose.

I hope you find my post worth to have a smooth ride in Flashify APK Download. So I invite you to stay signed for more interesting updates.



Install TWRP on Android with Flashify APK Download

The developers of TWRP has managed the version 3.0.2-0 to serve Android user best with the most popular Custom Recovery all the time. As the most fitting source to process in rooting, flashing custom ROMs, Mods, flashing Xposed installer and more, let’s see how it can be easily installed on your Android. Then what else than Flashify APK Download? let’s see how TWRP can be installed easily on your Android with Flashify. If you too ready for a change with an effective alteration in your system setting, this post deserves your attention. So read on.

Flashify apk

About TWRP

At an era ClockworkMod the main recommendation for Android, a new player came in. Winning a gigantic user base at entering time, TeamWin Recovery Project or what we most known TWRP then came prioritizing Nexus devices. But for the requirement, it was then expanded so well giving access to countless smartphone models. TWRP comes with an extreme modern GUI. So it is absolutely advanced when compared to other recovery environments. In fact, it is a full featured, modernized Android Custom Recovery to flash on your device for a considerable change.

TWRP comes with an extreme modern GUI. So it is absolutely advanced when compared to other recovery environments. In fact, it is a full featured, modernized Android Custom Recovery to flash on your device for a considerable change. So why you still wait?

Flashify APK Download to Install Custom Recovery

There are plenty of applications now in view to get Custom Recovery flashed on your Android. But the decision is always in your hand to pick the most trusted and safe ride. There, Flashify has become one of the top options, which is guaranteed for successful flash in boot images, recovery images, and zip files also supporting complete backups. But remember, installing TWRP via Flashify compulsorily need root which you have to ensure prior to head the processing. So follow one-click easy root on Android with any free tool download fits your device model to start installing Custom Recovery on Android.

Flashify apk

Note: You can either pick free of pro-Flashify to install files on your Android. If you think the free version limits you from your flashing experience keeping a condition as three flashes per day, you can upgrade Flashify Premium for a one-time payment of $1.99

Flashify supported many Nexus devices. In fact, it has recorded maximum success in all Nexus gone through different flashes. But as it is allowed to process on any Android on 4.4 and above you can trust it for your Android too. In fact, Flashify has expanded the work frame with constant upgrades and now serves countless number of Android device models.

For the notable fact, please backup your device. In case if you find troubles with the new changes, you can restore the backups at Flashify to get back your device working. So here backup is a must and it can be easily done with its separate feature. And restore too comes with the application from which you can easily manage the task.

Step Guide

  • Head Flashify APK Download from here and install on the device
  • Then download TWRP file to your Android, check for the most recent upgrade
  • You must correctly choose the most fitting image to your device
  • Open Flashify downloaded
  • Grant root permission when required
  • In the interface, select the recovery image option and then recovery or img file downloaded
  • Now click ok, and follow the steps to flash recovery on Android
  • After flash completes, reboot the device

Find any trouble, then refer the facts below

  • If stuck in a bootloop, restore the stock image and follow reflash
  • Always make sure to find the right file to flash as it plays the biggest part in the success of the process
  • If you boot into the black screen with no further support, check whether your device is absolutely supported. These might happen when there are mismatches in system or hardware requirements
  • If you continuously fail, try a different TWRP version

Video Guide to Flashify

If you think you need more help in flashing TWRP recovery on Android, here is the video guide to follow with the given guidelines

If you find my post useful, stay tuned for more fresh facts. We promise you to bring all tool updates as soon as we encounter.  And if you find anything still not answered from us, feel free to comment and bring your doubts to our kind attention.

Android can be customized to your heart’s content. For that, you only need a trusted change just like what Flashify here stands for. So install TWRP recovery on the Android device with our simplified step guide and get closer to true Android customization. But prior to all root your device as this is exclusive opportunity for rooted Android.


Notable Features in Flashify APK

Networks are taking ages to bring updates. But is it mean you have to stick with all bored stock work setting? Not at all. In fact, there are ways to take maximum advantage of enhancements to the operating system. And above all flashing a new ROM comes worthy there which is much advanced above trying new apps and tweak the operating system. But with its traditional complexity, will you be able to hit success with the first attempt or will have to remain with a bricked Android? Maybe this is what kept you too in the fence, but as now Flashify APK is in view it is time to say good-bye to all messing with flashing. It is in APK, runs with ease and extremely time-saving. So let’s have a quick look on all notable features in Flashify which makes the Android flash just a few minutes deal.

Flashify APK

There is a number of flashing tools improved over time. But above all Flashify has a different role making the flash in a different and more efficient way. In fact, it can flash zip files, boot img or recovery images right from your Android also supporting complete Nandroid backups and restores too. Additionally, Flashify APK download includes integration with Dropbox and capable to flash files from the exact needed file explorer app. So changing the traditional complexity with Android flash, Flashify is now available for different flashing experience. So read the following notable features which you would feel worth noticing in the same place to have a smooth monitoring with this utility.

Note: Flashify is available in free and paid premium versions. If you are not happy with three flashes per day limitation with free version, head the upgrade with $1.99 for unlimited access

Flashify APK Download

Flashify APK

You must install the right Flashify app as there are couple of options in the play store. So note whether it is the app with “for root users” prior to hit install. And once you download the app it will require you to grant root permission which you have to give to launch the app process.

Backup the Device

Flashify APK

When using Flashify you do not need to run here and there for backups. In fact, Flashify offers a worth option to make the complete backup of the Android current recovery. So prior to flash a boot, recovery or zip update via Flashify head Backup/Restore menu in the separate counter and select Backup current recovery or kernel. Depending on the destination you choose for the backup it will process effectively.

Restoring the Backups

Flashify APK

You can backup the current recovery or kernel with the same easy steps. And to restore the backups you have to follow the related img file listed near the Backup/Restore section and confirming the processing.

Dropbox Integration

Flashify APK

Flashify is notable because of its Dropbox integration feature. So those who have installed Dropbox can connect it with Flashify allowing flash recovery, boot and zip files from Dropbox.

Note: Syncing with Dropbox will impact on the device storage. So remove files/images after use if you have limited storage

Three Reboot options

Flashify APK

To match with different flashing and recovery, Flashify offers three reboot options in the process. You will entry via the menu to the options named, Reboot, Reboot recovery and Reboot bootloader. Among them, the first is for a simple restarting of the device while other two are integrated to more features.

Flashing via Flashify

Flashify apk download

Initially, you must download the file either to phone or dropbox which you need to install on the Android. And once done, you will be ready to flashing and the screen instructions will take you to the effective processing.

Flashing Zip Files

Flashify APK

It is extremely easy to flash zip file updates with Flashify.  You only required, launch Flashify, choose the option Flash > then Zip file, browse for the zip file and set the recovery type there. But you must note that some Zip files need to extract to boot or recovery img format to work with the help of a different file explorer. So check the compatibility prior to the process.

Flashify APK Download has changed the traditional complexity of flashing an Android. In fact, it effectively upgrades the recovery, boot and ROM to make you closer to true customization on your Android. Above other similar apps, Flashify has more favorable features and supports all Android on 4.4 and later together with its special serving for Nexus devices too. So backup the device and run Flashify to notice a considerable upgrade in the Android run.



Flashify APK- The Best Tool for Root Users

No matter you are in view of flashing a ROM, Recovery or managing a backup, Flashify is the best tool to make the whole process easier. In fact, Flashify offers the best chance to flash zip files, boot or recovery images right from your Android and bring alterations in the exact standard you required. And as it is also supported in flashing generalized Zip update files, the tool runs for even extended work frame. So let’s see how Flashify APK download differs from other alternative applications and wins love as the best all in one option for those who mean it.

Flashify apk

ROM management comes in different ways. So identifying the need of the user, the number of applications too grows up in installing ROMs and managing in different sides. But when you focus on what you need, it is your responsibility to pick the right tool option for the exact reason. And when turns to turns this amazing tool, which feature could attract you most? Let’s see.

Flashify vs MultiROM Manager

MultiROM Manager is an application to use if you are not confident continuing with a flash or installing a ROM manually. So it works to change the ROM of your Android in a frequent basis. But Flashify there comes in a completely different role which is uses to flash custom recoveries, kernels, boot images, zip files also supporting backups the current recovery image/kernel, either to the device’s internal memory, SD card, or even to Dropbox.

Flashify vs Nandroid Manager

Before you try new kernels, Recoveries and more modifications on Android, you are recommended for backups. If you backup the current working kernel and recovery images you can restore them once you find problems with the new ones. Of course, it is what Nadroid Manager is for. But if you go with beneficial flash utility, you can make the backup and restore effectively while flashing too managed. In fact, with this flash application you can get multiple uses above the main purpose flash it is made for. It works for the backup with the respective option in a different section and allows to save in the chosen destination. It can either save in your local SD Card or on one the cloud storage as Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.

Flashify APK

Word for Root users

To process with Flashify APK Download, you need root access. So head for a compatible root tool to manage root in your device to turn Download Flashify. And remember it free to take from Google Play Store from a genuine web link only if you are happy with its three flashes per day. In case if you feel of getting more flashes per a day than just three, you can unlock the Premium upgrade with a little one-time payment of $1.99, which will give the full entry to the app giving unlimited flash access per a day.

Video Guide

Note: As the tool is for Android internal alterations, please proceed at your own risk. And if you find any problems in processing with the tool, please write us for clarifications

Final words

If you like to try flash and experiment with your Android kernel, recovery modifications, Flashify APK Download is the best recommendation for you. And as you can use the same tool to backup and restore the current Android kernel and recovery images to keep on experimenting safely, Flashify is the perfect option for all tasks. In fact, it saves your time which goes to multiple tool downloads and promises the best modifications with a simplified APK framework. So no PC troubles, extra configurations, not any trouble at all. It’s time for what you required with simplified and clean processing. So check the device compatibility, basic requirements and head the processing right from your device.

As a multi-purpose tool, you might find doubts in related to the processing of this app. So we ask you to write with any related clarifications as we are glad to write you with all tool updates.

Flashify APK Premium for Android

Need flash boot.img, recovery, zip files or save backups to local/ cloud storage supporting automatic syncing? But still, do not know where to turn? Head Flashify APK for Android to manage everything right away with this simplified processing. It supports free and premium downloads to work for the exact need of the user, putting in the choice of a little one-time payment. While the free application limits you for three flashes per the day, Flashify premium APK comes to give the full entry to the app. So here we come with some important facts of this amazing flash utility touching highlighting facts of the Flashify APK Premium. Read on as my today’s post might include more to what you already know.

Flashify APK

Flashify in a fast run!

As the prominent solution for flash and backup on Android, Flashify has arrested a lot of fans by now. In fact, the app is made of favorable features supporting the user for a smart APK run. Without the need of a PC, it helps the user to flash boot img, recovery img, zip files into your Android also supporting backups of the current kernel and recovery which stored on the internal memory or the memory card.


  • Version upgraded- Flashify v1.9.2 (Click here to Download)
  • Recent upgrade records on December 12th, 2015
  • Requirements- Android phone or Tablet powered Android 4.0 and up
  • Content Rating from everyone
  • Developer credits for Christian Gollner
  • Rating average as 4.3 of 5
  • Installs between 1,000,000-5,000,000

Flashify APK Premium

You turn Android Flash when you need a change in your Android run. Maybe to introduce more customization features or else to make your Android run coming out of certain issues. So depending on your need, the number of flashes you need on the device might vary. And that is truly why Christian Gollner introduces a Premium APK for Flashify which offers unlimited access to the app. In fact, it is not limited to three flashes like in free version but offers unlimited access. So those who has more flashing task on Android can head Flashify APK Premium for a one-time payment of $1.99.

Starting from v1.1.6 on 2013, December, Flashify has come in a long successful way. So let’s see the changelog of some recent versions to pick an idea how the app comes serving you.



  • Fixes the issue with backup on Marshmallow
  • Addresses the problem in Download stock kernel/recovery for Nexus 5X and 6P


  • Fixes the problem with TWRP downloads


  • New design introduces
  • Dark Theme added for Premium users
  • Fixes the issue “wrong recovery name”
  • Fixes Command Queue issues
  • Addresses the issue “copy to safe location”


  • New feature added to manually pick your device from a list when no compatible recovery is found/displayed for download


  • Introduces new TWRP versions


  • FK support for Shamu ( Targeting Nexus 6 )
  • Improvements in Google Drive and BOX code
  • More General fixes and improvements for stable processing


  • Fixes the issue in Dropbox crashes on Android 5.0 Lollipop


  • Better TWRP download support for some device models.
  • Nexus stock boot/recovery for Nexus 6 / 9 (Wi-Fi). Various Nexus models have up to date inventory variations too.
  • Options to try and restore UI freeze on some device models
  • Fixed reported crashes in the previous v1.8.1


  • Try to fix  the issue “Unable to jot down do SDCARD” on some device models
  • Addresses the issue with “wrong menu darkish”
  • The problem with wrong menu darkish colors on Android Lollipop is addressed

Issues and Troubleshooting Tips


As flashing is something you have to put extra care, Developer Christian Gollner asks the user to take it at your own risk. And below I have taken some possible issues in time with Flashify which I found many are discussing on the web. So read and expand your knowledge on Flashify.

  • Flashify installed, but backup comes freeze

Flashify needs root access to function. So make sure to check the root access to get Flashify use on your Android. If backup freezes, check the root status. You can have a root checker application from the play store to confirm the root status.

  • Backup Recovery to Google Drive fails on Android Marshmallow

If Backup of the Kernel fails on Android Marshmallow, make sure to try the new update (For built-in root).

  • Stays on the load screen when try to flash TWRP recovery

Refresh the app and try once more making sure there is no more problem left. And these might happen with system problems too.

  • Error “Partition not found”

These happen when the device not supported to the application. So you have wait until the application Flashify gets the support for the app.

  • Not find Flashify in the app drawer

First, try to reboot the device and then check the drawer under “F”. If you still with the problem, it could probably due to a third party app launcher. So head the launcher setting and check whether it hides apps by mistake.

  • Recent files not working

This happens when you have chosen the file from a content provider. In fact, it comes just an input stream but not providing the file. So copy the certain file to a temporary location and flash it with the app. And once done, you can delete it with no mess.

These are some issues I found in most discussion over the web. But if you find more, feel free to take it for us as we are glad to bring you all clarifications. And for the general contentment, we recommend you the newest version update of Flashify APK Premium of free, which contain less issues and bugs guaranteeing more stable app run.

Video Guide

If you need the best flash/backup on your Android, Flashify APK Premium is the best option you have. It only requires a little one-time payment to upgrade the app to the full entry. In fact, it allows you unlimited flashes all the time taking you off from 3-flashes per day limitation in the free app. So take use of the premium app upgrade if you have more to do with flash on your Android. And make sure to make Nandroid backup prior to move the flash processing with Flashify. So download and enjoy the app!

Flashify APK for Rooted Android

Flashify is a pretty useful app for rooted Android which flashes recovery, boot, zip files, backup recoveries/kernels and does more similar tasks with an easy mechanism. In fact, this is a must have app for anyone heavily addicted to Custom ROM use. And you will find no better option than Flashify APK download to flash Custom Recoveries, Kernels, Boot images and also supporting zip update files too. As it manages all right from your Android, it applies changes soon and more effective on your Android with no PC complications. And not only that, it can do even more with fine backup assistance. If you feel impressed with how Flashify comes, read on to catch more interesting facts.

Flashify apk

Knowing it is difficult to the user to engage with flashing and the similar task involving Fastboot command with a PC help, Developer Christian Göllner has turned Flashify. It manages everything on the Android with its APK format and keeping you no more frustrations.

Supported Devices

Nexus device models have been mostly tested with Flashify and it guarantees high success with the processing. But as it is for any Android running 2.2 and above it should work with same success for all. However, remember that you have to have root privileges to go on with the app processing.

Below are some of the device models successfully tested and confirmed working with Flashify

  • Nexus4
  • Nexus10
  • Nexus7
  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Kindle Fire HD 7″

Free or Pro?

You can have Flashify in both free and pro flavors. If you think the free Flashify Download limits you in your work, upgrade the application with the payment of $1.99. So as if you download the free package it only allows you for three flashes per day while the premium upgrade promises to unlock the full entry to the app. So if you are not happy with three free flashes for a day, head the Flashify Pro to gain unlimited use.

Message from the Developer

Christian Göllner holds the complete credit for the app development. And as he reminds, the user has to take the process at own risk as flashing need high caution in the processing. In fact, the developer or any party will not hold the responsibility for any damage could cause. And ask for fine care throughout the processing. And for more care, make sure to have a Nandroid backup prior to the run.

Easy Guide to Flash IMG files on Rooted Android

  • Step 1: Follow a trustable root application and root the device if you still have no root access
  • Step 2: Download the IMG file on your Android which yu need to install on the device, I here take an example of TWRP IMG
  • Step 3: Head Flashify APK Download on Android
  • Step 4: Launch the app allowing superuser access

Flashify APK

  • Step 5: Then choose the recovery image

Flashify APK

  • Step 6: So finally select the file you need to install with the path “Choose a file”

Flashify v1.9.2 Updated

Current version 1.9.2 is the updated on 2015, December bringing fixes to the previous reported issues. So the new update comes with the fix to backup problem on Marshmallow and  also with the fix download Stock Kernel/Recovery for some Nexus models.

Change log of previous updates


  • Issue with TWRP download fixed


  • Introduces a new design
  • Dark theme option for premium app users
  • Wrong recovery name fixes
  • Issue with command queque addressed
  • Issue related to copy to safe location ressolved

Y0u will find similar applications aiming the same purpose. But make sure to head Flashify which is extremely fine and helpful for the user. And most importantly root is a must to work with the application either with free or Pro versions.

Final Words

As shown Flashify shows you the easy way to flash/backup with all handling on the Android. So install the app if you too in need of a change of your Android functions. And most importantly make sure you are installing the right files on your Android. If not, it could brick the device. So take a proper backup and head the way with this amazing utility.

Flashify APK Download – Version 1.9.2 is Updated

Flashing Custom ROMs/Recoveries in Android mobiles is often meet today. The reason is the passion of people to experience more than what they are limited to Stock by getting involved to a Custom ROM. In fact, there you get many functions to expand to your heart’s content. But are you worried of complicated procedures through PC and number of downloads? Then what is the option? No more worries as here I bring you the perfect solution with Flashify APK Download which can manage all same but more effectively than you tried before. So have a look on how to use Flashify to install Custom Recovery/Kernel (.img/zip) on your Android to get an enhanced experience.

Flashify apk download

The app requires root access to function. And rather than that, it ask for nothing complicated from the user to install Custom Recovery directly on the Android. In fact with its APK work frame, you do not need of a PC help to proceed like you did previous. In fact, it is an extremely supportive app includes more features than just flash. So why not Flashify on Android in the way to powerful Android run?

At a Glance:

  • Flash without going through recovery
  • Allowed flashing multiple files at once
  • Advanced backup assistance
  • Supports backup/restore from cloud/SD card/Dropbox
  • Effective flash on zip files
  • Complete cache clearing
  • Keep a record of the recently flashed files in your device

Flashify v1.9.2 Updated

With sincere thanks to developer Christian Gollner, we have this amazing utility to manage a big role of tasks in the Android. And as the tool gets updated with time, its work capabilities get often expanded to make the user more and more impressed on the download. And as now you will find Flashify v1.9.2 updated as the newest with several improvements. It comes addressing issues in backup on Marshmallow, Download stock kernel/recovery for Nexus 5X / 6P and also maintaining a better work stand. In that way, the latest version is extremely supportive for a successful Flash and recommended to anyone who wish to proceed with Flashify.

Please Note: Manage the app at your own risk

Requirements prior to Proceed

The process will be easy only if you consider the requirements properly. So follow these to get fully prepared to the flash.

  • Download and install Flashify
  • Get ready with the files that you need to install on the device (Follow development forums/sites)
  • To use the application, you need root access. So follow a proper guide and get rooted first

Direct Download Links

How to Install Custom Recovery/Kernel with Flashify APK Download

  • Once you are successfully installed the app, launch it from the app drawer
  • Grant root permission when required
  • Now  tap on the .img or .zip and place the file you need to flash
  • In the backup, you can  backup Nandroid and all content of the device easily

Flashify apk download

  • Heading the menu top right corner, you can select the reboot mode from given three
  • With the ” + button” on the top you can arrange/que files to use multiple flashing feature
  • And with the screen instructions you will be lead to successful processing

Flashify apk download

The app is available in the Play store for free of charge. But remember the free version limits you for three flashes a day while giving you the option to unlimited flashing with the premium version.